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PHS Musical - Annie Get Your Gun

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN – On Target for Performance at Pratt High School


With a strong high school and middle school cast and crew, and with helpful involvement from family members, USD382 once again is in the thick of summer rehearsals for the fall musical. This year it will be the Irving Berlin classic, Annie Get Your Gun with its famous show tunes such as "There's No Business Like Show Business", "I Got the Sun in the Morning," and "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)."

In rip-roaring fashion and in keeping with the energy of the historic tale of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, this musical will play on the LMS stage on Saturday, Sept. 12th at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 13th at 2 p.m. Admission will be $5 with no advanced seating.

Directors Rose Beilman Shoup and Brandon Wade made the decision to go with this musical since Pratt High had not produced one of the classics for many years. After several years of Disney musicals, the directors felt the students needed the challenge. Senior leads Katie Buhler as Annie Oakley, David Schotte as Frank Butler,  and the large cast have approached rehearsals and the music with a zest for the true-to-life characters and to the Irving Berlin score.

The basic story is a competitive one between the two leads who vie for champion sharpshooter status in the late 1800s. Butler and Oakley and the cast re-create the setting and story line of the historical pair, as the two meet, fall in love, compete, are parted, and struggle with the competition that both drives them and separates them. For safety's sake, the cast is using either non-firing or toy firearms that look like many 1800s pistols and rifles, but which do not fire.

In addition to the cast readying itself with vocal music, with choreography, and with acting, the show is also calling on the talents of several gifted teachers and community members. Art teacher, Kerry Thieme, has spent the past month creating stylized set posters that match the flavor of the late 1800s for the set. Also, new language arts teacher, Michelle Popovich and her husband, Larry, have been working on props and lights. These community members and their families -- Kim Staats, Angela McGraw, Tate Thompson, Josh Jacobs, Deborah Nasca – are in the show as well.

Sue Buhler, Katie's mom, has been sewing and designing western-style costumes, and in her Jester-Award-winning fashion, she has poured herself into the work. Buhler has won an Outstanding Costume Award from Music Theatre Wichita's Jester Awards for the past two years.

This musical will also be entered in the Jester Awards competition that places Pratt High's work up against high schools from across the state, and evaluated by Music Theatre Wichita's judges.

With the musical in full swing, this past Saturday 34 people showed up to help build sets and included the efforts of construction and paint foremen and forewomen: Shaphan Staats, Don Buhler, Mark Shoup, Brandon Wade, Stephanie Becker, and Michelle Popovich. With their leadership, the basic set was built and painted. The cast is now using the set in their final weeks of rehearsal leading up to performance.

            The cast and crew is as follows:

            Annie Oakley – Katie Buhler

            Frank Butler – David Schotte

            Dolly Tate – Abby Domann

            Tommy Keeler – David Mathes

            Winnie Tate – Laurisa McAbee

            Charlie Davenport – Drew Taylor

            Foster Wilson – Kedric Spurgin

            Mac and Ted, the Prop Men – Camdon Nickelson and Dylan Cox

            Chief Sitting Bull – Bryce Stegman

            Jessie, Annie's Little Sister – Brynn Hampton

            Nellie, Annie's Little Sister – Jadyn Thompson

            Little Jake, Annie's Little Brother – Thatcher Jacobs

            Running Deer – Byrdan Whitfield

            Eagle Feather – Kedric Spurgin

            Dining Car Waiter and Porter – Joseph Stewart

            Pawnee Bill – Ryan Richardson

            Messengers – Amber Jellison Harris and Blake Becker

            Band Leader – Tate Thompson

            Mrs. Sylvia Potter Porter – Miranda Flemming

            Mrs. Schyler Adams – Dani Staats

            Queen Victoria – Angela McGraw

            Tsarina of Russia – Kim Staats

            King of Italy – Joseph Stewart

            French President's wife – Deborah Nasca

            Ballroom Ladies – Cameron Reichenberger, Makenzie Allred, Morgan Rogers, and Amber Jellison Harris

            Chorus – Peyton Sheldon, Donovon McAbee, Nikita Mehlhorn, Elisha Staats, Tyrus Staats, Hogan Thompson, Tiger Thompson

            Accompanist – Duane Hanks

            Crew – Hugo Candia, Sonia Candia, Jasmine Zuniga, Mikayla Hager, Ciara Hodgkinson, Delaney Skaggs, Cassie Van Slyke, Caleb Hitz

            Lights – Dakota Hankins, Mitch Evans, Lauren Voss, Aaron Jorns, Larry Popovich

            Contact Rose Beilman at rose.beilman@usd382.com for more information.


Scholarship Correction

Correction:    USD 382 would like to correct an error on the 2015 graduation program.  Under the list of scholarships, it should have read:                       The Roger K. Pattinson Memorial Scholarship recipient is Brielle Vandervoort.  . . . read more


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