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Update on Kansas Schools

May 11, 2016

Parents and Patrons,

As you may know, lawyers for the State of Kansas and for Kansas school districts presented oral arguments to the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday. They argued for/against the legislature’s most recent attempt to make school funding equal for all school districts, no matter where Kansas kids live.

• Lawyers representing the legislature/State of Kansas contend HB 2655, a recent bill addressing state aid for school districts, did fix any funding inequity among school districts.

• Lawyers representing the schools contend changes in funding formulas created more disparity between property-tax-rich districts and property-tax-poor districts.

The court now has to respond to the arguments. They could say the Legislature has remedied the situation or it complies well enough until a permanent finance formula is created or they could cut various portions out or strike the CLASS Act and close schools or close schools and allow for necessary appropriations.

What will USD 382 do?

We will continue to plan for school next year; it's business as usual. Of course, we'll monitor what's happening in Topeka and wait for the court to decide. In the meantime, we are deeply committed to the best interests of our students, employees, and Pratt community.

Along with our plans for a great 2016-17 school year, provisions will be made if schools are shut down. I will keep you updated via School Messenger phone calls, Facebook, and our district webpage.

What you can do?

• Communicate with your elected officials.

• Encourage them to support public education so schools will remain open.

• VOTE! Make sure you are registered to vote in the August 2nd primary.

• Check the district webpage for weekly updates.

Our ability to run our school district, as well as support the local special education cooperative (SCKSEC), hangs in the balance. Feel free to call me or schedule a visit with me if you have questions. If you belong to a club or group and want an explanation of how the lack of state aid has impacted our district, contact me.

Stay tuned for more updates and GO GREENBACKS!

Suzan Patton, Superintendent 


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