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Special Guests at SW

On Monday, we had very special guests Randy, Susan and Marco Teske
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Susan is a retired teacher who taught in the Pratt district for many years and her husband, Randy showed us his guide dog Marco. Marco guides Randy around desks and bookshelves. Randy also explained how he gets around town with help from his dog. When Marco was done with his job, Randy takes off his harness and he becomes just a pet, not a working dog and the kids were able to pet Marco. The students loved seeing Marco work but loved petting him more. Mrs. Insless's class is reading about Animals and this week and talking about how animals help people. Today was a hands on experience they are still talking about.  Thanks you Susan, Randy and Marco!


On the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the day was named National Day of Service and Remembrance to honor those first responders who worke so diligently to recover and rescue victims of the attacks and to commemorate those who lost their lives because of the attacks. Citizens were asked to find a way to help others on that day, whether it be as a group or as an individual. In 2011, Foreign Frogs organized the effort to put up the "I will" wall, an activity sponsored by a national group, to make a public statement about what individuals would do to positively counteract the negative events of 9-11.  Because of the tendency to forget about our history, Foreign Frogs decided to again put up a wall of promises to make the make the world a better place.   Students, faculty, and staff were provided with the strips to write their statement. Strips were collected for several days, and then on Tues of this week, the club members put up the wall. . . . read more


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