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Covid-19 Guidance as of January 19, 2022



*In class exposures:  A 5-day modified quarantine is available for students in grades PREK-4 for “in class” exposures.  On Tuesday, January 4, a statement of understanding will be sent home with your child.  Please review this statement.  If you do not want your PREK - Grade 4 student to remain in school under a modified quarantine setting, you must return the statement of understanding with your signature to your child’s attendance center.  If you sign and return the statement of understanding, you are assuring us that you are able to pick up your child from school upon notification of an in class exposure to COVID-19, and you are comfortable with your child missing 5 days of school.  


*COVID-19 Testing - Grades PREK-12 and Staff - Students or Staff who are identified as household contacts by the Health Department or Kansas Department of Health and Environment or who are symptomatic are eligible for COVID-19 testing through USD 382.  In order to participate in the testing program, you must sign a consent form.  Consent forms are available on our website under the COVID-19 tab.  General testing protocols are listed below:  (for more information on testing, please visit our website)  


  1. Testing is a 6 day process (from date of notification).  During the 6 day testing period, tested students or staff must be willing and able to wear an appropriate well fitted mask.  If the test is negative on Day 6, the student or staff member is released from wearing a mask and is considered released from isolation.  (all tests are conducted at USD 382)  

    • Day 1-5 BINAX Tests (rapid test) unless a positive test occurs 

    • Day 6 - ACCULA or BD Veritor (Laboratory confirmation) 

  2. If Parents do not want their child tested but are willing to wear a mask, we will implement a 5-day stay at home isolation period.  Students and staff who are symptom free may return on day 6 provided that they are willing to wear an appropriate mask through the end of a 10 day isolation period.  (10 days after the date of notification)  

  3. If Parents do not want their child tested or wear a well-fitted mask the student will be subject to a 10-day home isolation period - (10 days from the date of exposure) 


For those who are laboratory confirmed COVID-19 Positive Students  


*Grades PREK -12 -  Students who are confirmed positive through a laboratory test are subject to a  5-day quarantine plus 24 hours fever free without medication.  Upon return students will be requried to wear a well fitted mask.  (PREK students will not be required to wear a mask)    


*Masking requirements include both the school day and extracurricular activities 


*Our local Pandemic Zone criteria will be used to assist us in determining the appropriate number of days quarantined as outlined below.     

  1. Green and Green + we may use the 5-day quarantine as our guideline for both First Contacts and those who are Laboratory confirmed cases 

  2.  Amber, Orange or Red,  we may "snap back'' to the 10 day quarantine that was previously utilized for both our COVID-19 protocols as well as our testing protocols. 


*Boosted or Fully Vaccinated individuals who are not exhibiting symptoms are not required to quarantine. (Pfizer within 6 months, Moderna within 6 months, Johnson and Johnson within 2 months)