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General Testing Strategy - COVID 19



General Testing Strategy 

Published January 19, 2022


How do I know if I qualify?  Does any of the following apply?  


1.  Stay to learn (Symptomatic) - USD 382 will provide an optional diagnostic  BinaxNOW antigen test for those students and staff that are exhibiting COVID like symptoms for more than 24 hours. Health staff will follow the KDHE decision tree (see attached) depending on the results. This test is only diagnostic and will be used as a screener for further testing using a PCR test (provided testing supplies are available) to confirm further contact tracing and quarantine protocols as appropriate. 


2.  Grades PREK-12 - Stay to learn/Stay to work (No Symptoms) - If any USD 382 Employee or student (5th thru 12th grade) is exposed (at home or at school) to COVID-19  or are determined to be a “Household Contact” USD 382 will provide the student or staff member the opportunity to test on a daily basis and continue to work as long as their test result is negative and they agree to wear a mask during the duration of testing.    Current guidelines are 5 days (tests)  with a 6th day  (confirmation test). (Specific testing protocols are listed below.)  


3.  Stay to Play - USD 382 will provide an optional diagnostic BinaxNOW antigen test for students and coaches who have been exposed to a Confirmed COVID-19 positive athlete or staff member.  Testing will be conducted within 72 hours of exposure and continue daily through day 6.  If at any time the Coach or Student tests positive for COVID-19, the Health staff will follow the KDHE decision tree (see attached.)  For negative results, follow up testing will  occur daily until the 6th day after exposure to assure the tested coach or student is still negative. 


4.  A. Stay in the Green - USD 382 will provide an optional diagnostic BinaxNOW test for students and staff who are isolated at home due to school or home exposure.  The optional BinaxNOW test will be administered each morning before school during the 5 day of isolation.. If the BinaxNOW test is negative, the student or staff member will be allowed to return to school wearing a well fitted mask.  If the test result is positive, KDHE decision tree (see attached) will be followed.  


4. B. Protocol Determination - USD 382 will provide an optional diagnostic BinaxNOW antigen test  for any student or staff member (Test frequency is one test per week)  The purpose of this diagnostic test is to determine potentially asymptomatic cases within the district.  Data obtained from this optional test will be used as an indicator for increasing local mitigation strategies and protocols.   

So I qualify for testing...now What?  Please read below! 

Process for testing (expected scenarios) 

  1.  Stay to Learn - Student or  Staff Member has COVID-19 symptoms - they are issued the option of:  (Modified Quarantine - May attend School only if protocols below are followed) or a 72-hour stay at home as described below.

    1. Stay at home 72 hours and return when 24-hour symptom-free without the aid of medication

    2. Stay at home 24 hours and report for optional BINAX NOW test by appointment (see consent form) 

      • If negative - PCR will be conducted if it is negative - return to class / or / work 

      • If positive - a PCR test will be used to confirm - if positive the 72 hour Stay at Home converts to a 5 day Quarantine with a return on day 6 if 24 hours symptom-free and willing to wear a well-fitted mask for days 6-10. 

  2.  Stay to Learn/Stay to Work- Student or Staff member is exposed to COVID-19 (household contact) they may be eligible to continue to work and/or attend school as long as:  

    1. They are not Exhibiting symptoms

    2. Agree to be tested every morning for 6 days.  The protocol for testing is outlined below:  

      • Tests will be administered daily before the student enters the building.  Testing is conducted by appointment using the Consent form that must be completed by the parent and/or staff member and validated by the School Nurse (the form only needs to be filled out 1 time and the appointment time and location of the test will remain the same for the duration of the 6 day testing period.)

      • If negative - the student and/or staff member will wear an appropriate well-fitted mask (day 1 - 5 of the Modified Quarantine)  and be allowed to attend school/work - THEY MUST EAT AT A SEPARATE TABLE - THE TABLE MUST HAVE THE PLASTIC  SCREEN GUARDS ON IT-and MINIMAL TIME SHOULD BE SPENT NOT WEARING THEIR MASK- a negative test on day 6, the student will be allowed to continue to attend school/work without a mask.  

      • If at any time the student tests positive the student will be administered an ACCULA test to validate the positive - Isolation protocols will then be put in place for that student and/or staff member.  Because the student and/or staff member wore a mask and ate at a separate table than their peers - no other student or staff member would be impacted by the student who tested positive.  

    3. If a parent does not want their child tested, but is willing to allow their student to wear a mask, the student will be isolated at home for 5-days from notification.  Upon return to school on day 6, the student will be expected to wear a mask from day 6 through day 10.  (PRE K Students may return on Day 6 without a mask requirement) 

    4. If a parent does not want their student to be tested or wear a mask (or in the case of a staff member who does not consent to testing or consent to wearing a mask) that student/staff member would then be quarantined 10 days from the date of notification.   


  1. Stay to Play  - Students,  Athletes and/or Coaches that are in close contact with a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 positive teammate will be issued a 1st-degree contact 5-day quarantine which, upon optional testing, may convert to a modified quarantine.  A modified quarantine will include daily testing and the staff or student must wear an appropriate mask through day 5 of testing.  Upon completion of the 6th negative test, the student/staff member will be released from their quarantine as follows.  

    1. Coach or Athlete schedules and reports for optional BINAX NOW test within 24 hours of exposure  

      • if negative Coach or Athlete will be allowed to return to school/and/or practice provided they wear a mask, daily testing will be scheduled through day 6 - If negative on the 6th day of exposure - Coach or Athlete may return to school/and/or practice without a mask 

      • If at any time during the 6 days of testing the test is  positive, staff or student will begin their 5-day quarantine (in order to return they must be 72 hours symptom-free) 

    2. If testing is not an option, but the student or staff member is willing to wear an appropriate mask, they will be quarantined for 5 days, they may return on day 6 provided they wear a mask from day 6 through day 10.  The date is determined by the date of notification not the last date of exposure.  


  1. If testing and wearing a mask is not an option for the Coach or Student - they may remain at home for a 10-day quarantine.


  1. Stay in the Green (to learn) - If a staff member or student is deemed to be in contact with a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 positive staff member or family member (Household Contact) they are issued a 5-day isolation period from the date the School District is notified.  If at anytime the staff or student wishes to be tested, the following is available (as long as the staff member or student is not exhibiting symptoms) 

    1. Obtain an optional BINAX NOW test:

      • If negative - staff or students may return to work or class as long as they wear a well-fitted mask - follow-up testing will occur on a daily basis for the remainder of their 5-day isolation.  (total of 6 tests will be administered-provided testing supplies are available)    

      • If positive - staff or students may be administered a PCR test to confirm  - if positive - their initial isolation period will apply - if negative they may return to work or class as long as they wear a well-fitted mask - follow up testing will occur for each day for the remainder of their initial isolation (5 days plus 24 hours symptom-free without meds) 

    2. If testing or wearing a mask is not an option - the staff or student will complete a 10-day isolation.  


  1. Protocol Determination - Pratt USD 382 will offer voluntary BINAX NOW testing every Thursday from 1:00 - 3:00 for any staff member or student wanting to participate, these tests will be used to determine the need for advancing our pandemic zone to Orange (reduced capacity) or Red (stay at home learning) if the BINAX NOW test is negative - no action is necessary - if the BINAX NOW test is positive - a PCR confirmation test will be administered and Quarantine / Stay at Home orders will be implemented per KDHE decision matrix. 


*Boosted or Fully Vaccinated individuals and those who have tested positive in the past 6 months who are not exhibiting symptoms are not required to test. (Pfizer within 6 months, Moderna within 6 months, Johnson and Johnson within 2 months) 


So how do I sign up?  Click this link:  Consent Form - Required for Appointment