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School Nurse


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Health Policies

The School Nurse will:  

Create, maintain and review health records including updating immunizations.

Conduct vision, hearing & routine health checks required by state law.

Inform parents regarding screening failures that affect student health & academics. 

  1. Administer medication and perform medical procedures as prescribed by a physician.

  2. Administer first aid and contact parents regarding health concerns, illness or injury. 


A student will be sent home when:

A student has a temperature of 100 or higher without symptoms of illness or a temperature of 99.8 with symptoms of illness.

A student has a communicable disease or suspect communicable disease.

A student has an illness or injury that needs immediate medical attention.


Medication Policy includes:

No student is allowed to carry any medication, including cough drops.  Certain medications may be authorized to be carried for

certain life threatening conditions on a case-by-case situation.  This HAS to be authorized by a physician, school nurse and administrator.  

All medications are to be kept and locked in the medication cabinet.

All medications prescribed or over the counter, must be in original container. 

All medications, prescribed or over the counter, must be accompanied by a written request to administer the medication from the

parent or legal guardian and must include:

*Student Name   

* Name of medication  

* Dosage   

* Time medication should be administered

* Name of doctor

* Date to be discontinued   

* Parents signature & date  

*The nurse cannot dispense any medication unless it is brought from home in the original container, with a written note.  

*No medications are available at or provided by the school.

  *A medication consent form is required for all medications.

  *A physicians signature is required for any prescription medication or any dosage that is greater than that recommended for age of the child.

  *Any medication administered at school has to be labeled for the age of that child.



If your child is absent from school due to a communicable disease, you must contact the nurse immediately to prevent the spread of disease. 


Contact Information:

Please provide the school with all parents’ CURRENT phone numbers including home, cellular and work numbers and with a minimum of two other emergency contacts’ 

who can take responsibility for your child if needed, in case you can not be reached.