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Once A Greenback - Always A Greenback

Pratt to Two Tournaments for 1st and 2nd Trophies

Pratt High has excelled this week in two tournaments, against 14 other teams both times, coming home with a first place in forensics at Kingman and with a second place at Kiowa County. On Monday, Feb. 23rd at Kingman, the Greenbacks won the tournament above #2 Pretty Prairie and #3 Sterling – two small, but mighty, powerhouses. Although smaller than Pratt, both teams have a tradition of forensics excellence, and coaches from Pratt High always know that going into a meet against them, the team has to be very competitive to win. Sterling has won state championships for almost a quarter century in 2A and 3A, and Pretty Prairie is usually in the top six at 1A state champs.

At Kiowa County's tournament on Saturday, Feb. 21st, the team had a tougher time, coming in second to Sterling, but above Great Bend and Kingman and 12 other teams.

At Kingman Pratt brought 13 events to finals – very tough to do for any team, and once they accomplished this feat, it brought the team's total points to 224, enough to garner the win over Pretty Prairie's 217 and Sterling's 168.

Those qualifying for state championships at Kingman were the following:1st - Katie Buhler and Jacob Schaefer - Duet,1st - Katie Buhler - Oration, 2nd - Austin Black – Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp), 2nd - Joseph Loomis - Oration, 2nd - Zach Stone - Humorous Solo, 2nd - Chloe Cannata – Impromptu

Qualifying for state champs at Kiowa County were these students: 1st - Austin Black - Extemp, 1st - Chloe Cannata - Oration, 1st - Lauren Voss - Informative Speaking (Info), 1st - Chloe Cannata - Impromptu, 2nd - Zach Stone - Humorous Solo

Qualifying for state festival at one of the tournaments included these competitors: 3rd - Caleb Hitz  - Info, 4th - Miranda Flemming - Info, 4th - Austin Black - Impromptu, 4th - Abigail Domann - Impromptu

Making it to finals at either event were these performers: 3rd - Joseph Loomis – Extemp, 3rd - Chloe Cannata - Info, 5th - David Schotte - Extemp, 6th - Joshua Ash - Extemp, 6th - Jacob Schaefer – Info, 5th - Lauren Beardsley and Zach Stone - Duet, 6th - Miranda Flemming - Info, 6th - Laurisa McAbee - Serious Solo

Along with these competitors, and adding to team's strong win and placement, these students contributed points: Hazen Hance, Lauren Voss, Sammie Harrison, Kevin Johnson, Brandon Guerra, Brydan Whitfield, Caley Nickelson, Charity Violetti, Kedric Spurgin, and Drew Taylor.

Next, the team competes again at Kiowa County, but this time in a novice tournament where beginners will get a chance to compete against other beginners. Then on Saturday, Feb. 28th, the team travels to Bucklin for a regular tourney.

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Science Fair - Coming Soon

If you are interested in the Science Fair, here are some important dates:      March 2   -- Parent & student meeting at the Board room (ACE)  at 7:00P.M.                            This meeting is to help people with a Science Fair project.  It will have                          examples of displays and  questions will be answered.       April 1   --  Entry forms due to Mrs. Bitter.  These can be given to teachers or mailed to                         the ACE building. . . . read more

College and Career Ready in Art

About 20 PHS and LMS students attended a Careers in Art Q&A session at the Vernon Filley Art Museum. Three graduate students and one faculty member from UNL, KU and WSU came to sit on the panel to talk about their career journeys and offer advice to students who are interested in art as a career. All the panelists have work on display . . . read more


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