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Once A Greenback - Always A Greenback

New at the Frog Shop!

More License Plates - including the new Mirrored Plates - we have basic ones but can take special orders as well

Plastic $7  Mirrored $10
We also have more water bottles in stock - with some cool fun designs for only $15 - these can be individualized as well
Lanyards $10 Pratt Greenbacks
Personalized lanyards $12
Come in any color imaginable - with regular or sparkly lettering!!
Don't forget to check us out at the football game Friday night or during normal school hours
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Quilting for a Cause

Corinne Donnenwerth, a fifth grader, is making lap blankets for people with alzheimer’s. She is  making them because she wanted her GATE project to have to do with the nursing home. Corrine and her mother came up with this project that incorporates sewing and design. The blankets will be sent to the nursing homes in Pratt. Lots of supplies are needed so that she can contribute . . .

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Duck Unlimited and PHS Team Up for Banquet

Nadia Reimer, the Assistand Chief of Information Production from Kansas Wildlife and Parks shares her expertise with Marketing and Sports Marketing Students who are beginning a project to assist in the advertisement and promotion of the local Ducks Unlimited banquet held in October this year.  She talked to students about Marketing, Advertisements, and PR and the differences between them all, she also shared with students the . . .

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