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Once A Greenback - Always A Greenback - PHS Blood Drive - PHS Gym - Wednesday, Nov. 5th 9am-2pm

Foreign Frogs Anti-bullying Activities at PHS

October is national Anti-bullying month, schools across Kansas are putting an emphasis on anti-bullying this month! This week October 13th-17th is Pratt High School’s bullying prevention week! Foreign Frogs will be putting an emphasis on anti-bullying this week by doing some of the same things as last year.

Wednesday-Friday during lunch there will be a designated table for people to stop by on your way to class or to lunch to write a compliment about someone else. It can be anonymous compliment about anyone in the school, school appropriate compliment. On Friday the poster will be hung up for everyone to read the positive thoughts of PHS!  

Tuesday was designated as Gracious Green, PHS was asked to wear any color of green shirt, hoodie, shoes, and pants etc. to remind people to be Gracious to everyone they see! Bullying is a problem that is rising in schools; we can all chip in and help make bullying come to an end!

Foreign Frogs would like to thank everyone who participates this week! Be gracious to each other not just this week but everyday!

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LMS Band Marching Along

For the last several weeks, the LMS 7 th /8 th grade band was preparing to march in the homecoming parade. Even though the parade was ultimately canceled due to rain, the band still spent several weeks learning their music, practicing marching on the football field/track, and finally marching on the streets of Pratt. While they were unable to march the parade, they were still able to attend the PHS homecoming assembly and play before it started. read more


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