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Section J - Students

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Section J


Drug Free Schools USD#382 Board Polices are provided in Adobe® Acrobat® format (PDF)

Section J - Students
Topic Title Code
Attendance Attendance JB
Enrollment Enrollment JBC
Homeless Student Homeless Student JBCA
Homeless Student Regulations Homeless Student Regulations JBCA-Regulations
Foster Care Student Foster Care Student JBCB
Foster Care Student Regulations Foster Care Student Regulations JBCB-Regulations
Absences Absences & Excuses JBD
Truancy Truancy JBE
Truancy Compulsory Attendance Exemption Form JBE Addendum 1
Truancy Compulsory Attendance Information JBE Addendum 1A
Re-Admissions Re-Admissions JBG
Absences Release of a Student During School Day JBH
Searches Searches of Property JCAB
Searches Searches of Students JCABB
Searches Search Report Form JCABB Addendum 1
Interrogation Interrogation & Investigations JCAC
Conduct Student Conduct JCDA
Conduct Student Conduct JCDA-R
Drug Free Tobacco Use JCDAA
Dress Code Dress Code JCDB
Weapons Weapons JCDBB
Complaints Complaints JCE
Corporal Punishment Corporal Punishment JDA
Probation Probation JDC
Suspension Suspension & Expulsion Procedures JDD
Drug Free Drug Free Schools JDDA
Drug Free Substance Abuse Intervention Policy JDDB
Drug Free Substance Abuse Intervention Policy JDDB-R
Bullying Bullying JDDC
Report Report to Local Law Enforcement JDDC-R
Promotion & Retention Promotion and Retention JFB
Parent Involvement Student Service Parent Involvement Policy JFC Addendum 1
Aids Aids/HIV-III JG
Student Insurance Program Student Insurance Program JGA
Health Assessments Health Assessments & Physicals JGC/JGC-R
Local Wellness Policy Local Wellness Policy JGCA
Immunization Inoculations JGCB
Immunization New Student Immunization Report Form JGCB-R Addendum 1
Immunization Status of Immunization Report Form JGCB-R Addendum 2
Immunization Kansas Certification of Immunization JGCB-R Addendum 3
Automated External Defibrillators Automated External Defibrillators JGCBA
Psychological Student Psychological Services JGD
Harassment Sexual Harassment JGEC
Harassment Racial Harassment: Students JGECA
Supervision Supervision of Students JGFB
Accidents Student Accidents JGFG
Accidents Medication Given at School Form JGFG Addendum 1
Supervision Supervision of Medications JGFGB
Supervision Permission for Medication Form JGFGB Addendum 1
Supervision Medication Given at School Form JGFGB Addendum 2
Student Self-Administration of Medications Student Self-Administration of Medications JGFGBA
Student Self-Administration of Medications Accommodating Students with Diabetes JGFGBB
Transportation Transportation JGG
Transportation Transportation JGG-R
Transportation Bus Discipline Policy/Procedure JGG-R Addendum 1
Supervision Use of Video Cameras JGGA
Food Service School Food Service Programs JGH
Vending Machines Vending Machines & Other Automated Machines JGHB
Activities Student Activities JH
Assemblies Assemblies JHA
Organizations Student Organizations JHC
Publications Student Publications JHCA
Gangs Gang Activity JHCAA
Activities Wednesday Evening & Sunday Activities JHDB
Field Trips Student Out-of-State Trips JHEA
Uniforms Cheerleader Uniforms Selection & Expense JHF
Solicitations Solicitations JK
Gifts Gifts JL
Contest Contests for Students JM
Awards Awards & Scholarships JN
Students Exceptional Students JQ
Disabled Physically Disabled Students JQA
Students Alternative Arrangements JQE
Students Foreign Exchange Students JQKA
Students Foreign Exchange Student Application JQKA Addendum 1
Records Student Records JR
Records Non-Custodial Parental Notification JR-R Addendum 1
Records Parental Notification Request Form JR-R Addendum 2
Records Types of Records JRA
Records Release of Student Records JRB
Transfer Request for Transfer of Educational & Health Records JRB-R Addendum 2
Records Record of Inspection of Student Records JRB-R Addendum 3
Records Release of School Records JRB-R Addendum 4
Records Disposition of Records JRC
Records Flow Chart of Student Records JRC-R Addendum 1
Hearing-Student Records Hearing Request JRD
Fees Student Fees & ChargesStudent Fees & Charges JS

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