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USD 382 Workers Compensation Policy


Notice of Accidents  All employees must notify their supervisor and complete an Accident Report form (Appendix A) within 10 days of an accident or the claim may be barred.  Additional information about workers compensation rights and responsibilities may be obtained from your supervisor or district office.

Coverage Benefits are for personal injury from accident or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment with the district.  Injuries which occur during recreational or social events under circumstances where the employee is under no duty to attend, and where the injury did not result from the performance of tasks related to normal job duties, are not covered under workers compensation.

Any employee who is off work and drawing workers compensation will be required to provide the payroll clerk with a written doctor's release before the employee is allowed to return to work.  In addition, should the employee be released to return to work by a doctor and fail to do so, all benefits under sick leave will be ended and those benefits under workers compensation will be restricted as provided by current statute.

Coordination With Leave Benefits  The workers compensation plan will provide coverage for medical expenses and wages to the extent required by statute to employees who qualify.  Whenever an employee is absent from work and is receiving workers compensation benefits due to a work-related injury or is receiving district paid disability insurance, the employee may use available paid sick leave to supplement the workers compensation or district paid disability insurance payments.

In no event shall an employee be entitled to a combination of workers compensation benefits and salary in excess of his/her full salary.  Available paid sick leave may be used for this purpose until: 1) available sick leave benefits are exhausted, 2) the employee returns to work, or 3) employment is terminated.  Sick leave shall be deducted on a prorated amount equal to the percentage of salary paid by the district.  

Exception Clause Applicable state statutes or regulations will take precedence over the general guidelines listed above.  No guideline is guaranteed above what state law or regulation requires.