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Section B

Board Operations

USD#382 Board Polices are provided in Adobe® Acrobat® format (PDF)

Section B - Board Operations
Topic Title Code
Philosophy Philosophy BA
Board Officers Board of Education Officers BBA
Board Election Method of Election BBAA
Board President Duties of Board President BBABA
Board Vice President Duties of Board Vice President BBABB
Board Orientation New Member Orientation BBBB
Board Member Development Board Member Development Opportunities BBBC
Bonded Personnel Bonded Board of Education Personnel BBBD
Compensation Reimbursement for Expenses BBBF
Committees Board Committees BBC
Board Superintendent Relations Board Superintendent Relations BBD
Attorney Attorney BBE
Consultants Consultants BBG
Meetings Regular Board Meetings BCAB
Meetings Special Board Meetings BCAC
Meetings Adjourned Board Meetings BCAD
Hearings Public Hearings BCAE
Meetings - Agendas Agendas BCBD
Meetings - Rules of Order Rules of Order BCBE
Meetings - Rules of Order Rules of Order BCBF
Meetings - Quorum Board Meeting Quorum BCBFA
Meetings - Voting Methods Voting Method BCBG
Minutes Minutes BCBH
Public Participation Public Participation In Board Meetings BCBI
News Coverage News Coverage of Board Meetings BCBJ
Broadcasting And Taping Broadcasting And Taping BCBJB
Executive Sessions Executive Sessions BCBK
Policy Development Developing Adopting Amending and Repealing Board Policy BDA
Policy Dissemination Policy Dissemination BDD
Administrative Rules Review of Administrative Rules BDF
Policy Absence Administration in Policy Absence BDG
Records School Board Records and Reports BE
Board Professional Memberships Memberships BG
Ethics Ethics BH
Records Public Records Identifying and Providing Access BI