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Section J


Drug Free Schools USD#382 Board Policies are provided in Adobe® Acrobat® format (PDF)

Section J - Students
Topic Title Code
Attendance Attendance JB
Enrollment of Non-Resident Students Enrollment of Non-Resident Students JBBC
Enrollment Enrollment JBC
Homeless Student Homeless Student JBCA
Homeless Student Regulations Homeless Student Regulations JBCA-Regulations
Foster Care Student Foster Care Students JBCB
Foster Care Student Regulations Foster Care Student Regulations JBCB-Regulations
Absences Absences & Excuses JBD
Truancy Truancy JBE
Truancy Compulsory Attendance Exemption Form JBE Addendum 1
Truancy Compulsory Attendance Information JBE Addendum 1A
Re-Admissions Re-Admissions JBG
Absences Release of a Student During School Day JBH
Searches Searches of Property JCAB
Searches Searches of Students JCABB
Searches Search Report Form JCABB Addendum 1
Interrogation Interrogation and Investigations JCAC
Conduct Student Conduct JCDA
Drug Free Tobacco Use JCDAA
Dress Code Dress Code JCDB
Weapons Weapons JCDBB
Complaints Complaints of Discrimination JCE
Corporal Punishment Corporal Punishment JDA
Probation Probation JDC
Suspension Suspension & Expulsion Procedures JDD
Drug Free Drug Free Schools JDDA
Drug Free Substance Abuse Intervention Policy JDDB
Drug Free Substance Abuse Intervention Policy JDDB-R
Bullying Bullying JDDC
Report Report to Local Law Enforcement JDDC-R
Promotion & Retention Promotion and Retention JFB
Parent Involvement Student Service Parent Involvement Policy JFC Addendum 1
Aids Aids/HIV-III JG
Health Assessments Health Assessments & Physicals JGC
Communicable Diseases Communicable Diseases JGCC
Local Wellness Policy Local Wellness Policy JGCA
Immunization Inoculations JGCB
Immunization New Student Immunization Report Form JGCB-R Addendum 1
Immunization Status of Immunization Report Form JGCB-R Addendum 2
Immunization Kansas Certification of Immunization JGCB-R Addendum 3
Automated External Defibrillators Automated External Defibrillators JGCBA
Health Screenings Health Screenings JGCB
Psychological Student Psychological Services JGD
Harassment Sexual Harassment JGEC
Harassment Racial Harassment: Students JGECA
Supervision Supervision of Students JGFB
Student Transportation Student Transportation JGFF
Accidents Student Accidents JGFG
Accidents Medication Given at School Form JGFG Addendum 1
Administration of Emergency Opioid Antagonists Administration of Emergency Opioid Antagonists JGFGA
Naloxone Incident Report Naloxone Incident Report JFGGA - Report
Supervision Supervision of Medications JGFGB
Supervision Permission for Medication Form JGFGB Addendum 1
Supervision Medication Given at School Form JGFGB Addendum 2
Student Self-Administration of Medications Student Self-Administration of Medications JGFGBA
Student Self-Administration of Medications Accommodating Students with Diabetes JGFGBB
Transportation Transportation JGG
Transportation Transportation JGG-R
Transportation Bus Discipline Policy/Procedure JGG-R Addendum 1
Supervision Use of Video Cameras JGGA
Food Service School Food Service Programs JGH
Vending Machines Vending Machines & Other Automated Machines JGHB
Activities Student Activities JH
Assemblies Assemblies JHA
Organizations Student Organizations JHC
Publications Student Publications JHCA
Gangs Gang Activity JHCAA
Activities Wednesday Evening & Sunday Activities JHDB
Field Trips Student Out-of-State Trips JHEA
Uniforms Cheerleader Uniforms Selection & Expense JHF
Solicitations Solicitations JK
Gifts Gifts JL
Contest Contests for Students JM
Awards Awards & Scholarships JN
Students Exceptional Students JQ
Disabled Physically Disabled Students JQA
Students Alternative Arrangements JQE
Students Foreign Exchange Students JQKA
Students Foreign Exchange Student Application JQKA Addendum 1
Records Student Records JR
Records Non-Custodial Parental Notification JR-R Addendum 1
Records Parental Notification Request Form JR-R Addendum 2
Records Types of Records JRA
Records Release of Student Records JRB
Transfer Request for Transfer of Educational & Health Records JRB-R Addendum 2
Records Record of Inspection of Student Records JRB-R Addendum 3
Records Release of School Records JRB-R Addendum 4
Records Disposition of Records JRC
Records Flow Chart of Student Records JRC-R Addendum 1
Hearing-Student Records Hearing Request JRD
Fees Student Fees & ChargesStudent Fees & Charges JS